Monday, 12 July 2010

Building brand you...

So your focus is on your enterprise and the community you serve, but what thought have you given to buildng YOU - the brand?

This may seem alien to a number of you but it is as important a question as any other marketing question you may have. Afterall, some of the greatest brands have evolved around a single person (virgin, microsoft, Apple). Don't underestimate the power of you. When people buy into your proposition they buy into you and what YOU can deliver. So here are some thoughts...
  • Dont leave to chance how you are perceived
  • Be true to yourself
  • Define what is it that you personally do better than anyone else
  • Be clear about what is important to you ( your values, beliefs, principles)
  • Be real - people can see through a fake
  • Be consistent and congruent with who you are

Noone can tell you how you need to be, but by being true to the above you will get closer to a consistent brand of you. And doing this will bring you closer to having impact on others.

In any walk of life relationships are paramount. Get your personal brand of you right and you build those lasting relationships.

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