If you knew you couldn't possibly fail what would you do? Imagine being able to achieve what you desire in your professional life with control, focus and confidence. How would it feel to have real momentum behind your business goals or turn a hobby into a business?

Whether you are looking to grow your business, improve relations with colleagues, take your work in a new direction or overcome personal challenges in your work life, you will inevitably need to change something about how you think or what you do to get what you want.

The challenge can often be letting go of what has worked in the past or knowing what needs to be done differently to move forward.
    The problem is that when you know something, it is almost impossible to imagine not knowing it. Over time our habitual ways of doing things are carved into our neural networks causing us to be stuck in our way of thinking, feeling and doing.

    So getting an outside perspective can be key to changing things up. Elite athletes and sportsmen know the value of having someone by their side who can challenge them, question beliefs and behaviours, unlock energy and support them to perform at their optimum.They know the value of a coach.

    Change things up with Coaching

    Coaching is a great way of achieving results for your work life, your team or your business. Coaching provides for an individual "thought partner" to help you confidentially think through important decisions. A coach can help you confront the issues, understand what holds you back, challenge your existing approaches and ask the difficult questions. And importantly look at options and plans for getting what you want.

    Our BE Awesome coaching  is for professionals, entrepreneurs and people wanting to stamp their mark on the world.

    We can help you find your own unique, remarkable and wonderful way of reaching your goals, so that you achieve more consistently. 

    You will walk away more self-aware, more energized and more committed to your goals. You will have the control, focus and confidence to achieve. 

    And for January ONLY we are making you a very special offer. 

    If you book before January 31st you can get 6 sessions of coaching for the price of 4!! That's a massive £140 off the total cost

    Awesome things people say about us

    "Tamsin helped me see what I really had a passion for. The result? I helped set up a Community Interest Company"
     Fiona Green, Director Green Doors Mediation

    "Tamsin is clear and consistent and stays focused which is so important when you are feeling overwhelmed with the workload facing you. She is calm and measured - you know you are in safe hands! Week to week challenges keep rolling but Tamsin's coaching reminds you that it's all manageable - you have options to deal with each challenge in time, and move forward building on your successes. Tamsin is like the good voice in your head - definitely counter balancing any negative chatter that might want to hinder your progress."
    Caroline Evers, Business Owner May 9, 2012

    "Tamsin coached me over a 6 week period and I found the sessions extremely useful. Tamsin created a very relaxed and positive environment; she listened well and encouraged me to challenge my own thoughts and options. I found the whole experience positive and beneficial and would highly recommend Tamsin as a coach."
    Stuart Hornby, Senior Account Manager, Madhouse Associates May 2012

    "We have gained a lot of confidence in what we do, purely through Tamsin's support and understanding, showing us that we do have a place in the market and can turn what was previously a 'hobby' into a viable business. Her support has been invaluable. The realisation that it is our passion that drives the business and that is our unique selling point. Our 'strong commitment to silliness' is what makes us different."
    Rebecca Hilliam, Director, Headstrung September 2012

    "Tamsin has been FANTASTIC, so supportive and understanding of our business and her help has been invaluable. We've achieved more than we could have ever hoped for and that's down to Tamsin - thank you!"
    Business Owner, October 2012

    Contact or call us on 0161 980 1371 to see if our coaching is right for you.