Awesome Business Initiative

Do you want your business to be good or do you want it to be

Awesomeness is about being amazing, breathtaking, mind-blowing, formidable and wonderful. It's powerful, it's exciting and it's a mindset anyone can get into.  You can choose to be great at what you do, as opposed to good, equivalent or average. You can give your all to “muddling through” or you can give your all to rocking the world.

Almost 20 years of experience, knowledge and skills from across strategy, marketing, psychology, training, research and evaluation have gone into our Awesome Business Initiative to give you the skills, knowledge, attitudes and beliefs to take charge of your own business and rock the world!

This programme is only for those who are serious about wanting to be the best now!

We want people who really want to make things happen and stamp their mark on the world both personally and professionally.

The biggest reason why businesses don’t grow, why projects fail, why people don’t undertake what they have committed to – even for themselves - is because of their own barriers and limiting beliefs. These may be deep routed beliefs about yourself, others, your project, your competition, the market etc.

That is why our programme incorporates performance coaching, which allows you to change unhelpful beliefs, attitudes and behaviours that may be limiting you and embrace helpful strategies to achieve your goals.

You get to determine your business programme

There is no magic bullet! What you want to do with your business and how you achieve your goals will be entirely up to you. What we will do is help your business find it's own brand of Awesome, that is right for you.

How do we do it?

We use a process called DRIVE TM, to help you find out what you want to have happen and what's stopping you from doing it. We then tailor the programme to your business needs so that you are addressing the very things that will help you be the best. 

1. Discovery: A detailed analysis of your current needs and challenges
2. Reflection: Agreement to your key goals
3. Intervention: Access action learning workshops, consultancy and coaching tailored to your needs
4. Validation: Call off support for 3- 6 months to help you stay with your journey
5. Evaluation: A formal review of your intervention to show that you have got to where you want to go

Awesome things people say about us

The Provadis Business Development seminar I attended was invaluable in helping to shape and clarify my organisation's approach over the coming months. I was particularly impressed with the energy and passion of the tutor, who delivered a really informative and inspiring session." Head of Corporate Affairs, Our Life

"Tamsin has run workshops with our Board as expertly as she has led large and diverse staff groups through strategic  business planning  which with her committed and skilful coaching has led to enacted improvement plans and a thorough marketing programme. Tamsin stands out as one of the best  I have worked with demonstrating great professionalism, energy, confidence, humour and strong values.“Chair, Fresh Horizons Social Enterprise

“Tamsin has coached and mentored me on a wide range of topics such as business development, positioning, communication, market development and customer management. Her sessions have given me much needed clarity to move forward and make my business more successful. She has an ability to  transform one overwhelming situation into a series of minor stepping  stones which  are easy to negotiate and lead to real changes.”Sarah Batten, Shout out Graphics

Get in touch with us today or call us on 0161 980 1371 for a free initial assessment to see if the programme is right for your business.